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Two daycare workers have been fired after being filmed in a Snapchat video playing with sex toys in front of the young children they were supervising.

The two members of staff were exposed when another employee after filming the video at the Super Kids Daycare center in Chandler, Arizona, on Monday.

Up the road is Screaming Banshee Pizza, legendary here, while breakfast is best (and biggest) in Ana’s Seasonal Kitchen. For you learn about the 2,000 miles of tunnel that surround the place, and just how many people died to make it happen.

Bisbee was deservedly voted best historic small town in the US last year by But Bisbee is a place of resilience where somehow a local paper still prints and painters get by.

This is where Donald Trump wants to build his wall.

It’s here that you might expect you’ll find his most fervent supporters.

They spent the nights downing whisky and chasing each other naked. But Rocco isn’t the most surprising thing on my road trip through Arizona.

Poco in Peddler’s Alley is a veggie-friendly joint run by people who know everyone, probably because of their heavenly burritos. In the day try the Mining and Historical Museum, a partner of the Smithsonian.Concerned viewers reported it to local station 12 News and is now being investigated by police.In the video, the women take turns holding the sex toy.The Old Bisbee Brewing Company struggles through the heat to pump out gallons of beer.Even the Copper Queen Hotel survived, remaining the grandest place to stay.

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