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On watching the programme, I was surprised how much of the vox pops from me made it into the programme.At the market place bar, we talked briefly and she said the comment of the night.Hopefully things will start to change now that BBC has revealed the true nature of these sites.However, if you’re pondering whether you should or should not join a dating site after hearing these reports and are worried you could be cheated on, here’s a few tips how to recognise scam profiles from real ones and how to know whether you can trust a website: In contrast to the sites under the Cupid umbrella we signed up to a couple of weeks ago and every interaction has been from genuine members – the way it should be.We’ve been involved in the online dating business for over a decade so know a fair few things about online dating.

As for everyone else if you need help finding out which sites you can trust with your hard earned cash then check out our Top UK Dating Sites reviews.Weirdly enough, my match lived in Bristol, had lived less than a mile away about the same time I lived in Croydon, London and shared similar views on certain things.Hence the afternoon-evening of Horizon dating (I’m sure this will change).14 February 2011Since online dating sites first appeared in 1995, they have grown to have more than 5 million users in the UK. You still have to flirt online, but via the medium of writing and that's completely different from trying to strike up a conversation with somebody, in person.Can romance still flourish away from our computer screens and keyboards, in a more traditional way? Reporter: This exercise involves chatting to strangers.

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They were cavatted with the notion, it was getting most matches in the room rather than most ideal matches.

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