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With the marriage the groom's family often pays the bride's family to compensate for the loss of a family member.

Once married, the couple becomes adult members of the community and as such are expected to work with the community in numerous ways.

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Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors Morgan says: For any gynecological issues you will need to see a doctor in the capital of Honiara.

Today this is still true, but restrictions have been lifted on most accounts (for example girls engaged to wed are no longer kept in cages or huts to maintain their purity).

Dating locals can be tricky and you need to be well aware of the potential ramifications.

Things can quickly escalate and marriage can be on the table without you realizing it.

Breastfeeding Morgan says: As a foreign woman always check if it is okay to breastfeed so as not to offend or attract unwanted attention.

Dating Locals Morgan says: Solomon Islanders are still very tied to their traditions and their families.

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Despite the lift on many restrictions dating is still often overseen by a chaperone and couples typically do not marry without permission of their families; in some rare instances arranged marriage is still practiced.

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