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In contrast, in 2010, 69% of marriage ceremonies were conducted by civil celebrants, up from 42% in 1990.Living together In 2009-10, 11% (1.9 million) of Australians aged 18 years and over were living in a de facto relationship, while 53% were in a registered marriage.De facto relationships were most common amongst younger people, with one fifth (22%) of people aged 20-29 years living in these relationships, compared with nearly one tenth (9.4%) of people aged 40-49 years.

Age at first marriage Over the last twenty years, the average age at which Australians first marry has increased.There are many factors that may affect the age at which Australians first marry.These include the pursuit of higher education, the associated delay in labour force participation, the increasing social acceptance of cohabitation before marriage, and children moving out of the family home later in adulthood due to these factors.Relationships are closely linked with wellbeing, with families playing a key role in socialising children and shaping the future of society.Changing patterns in divorce and cohabitation over recent decades have resulted in differences in family structure; however families still remain a basic unit in society.

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