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The low cost devices used in the demos will operate at 2400 baud (or bits per second (BPS) ).For the demo, both the transmitter and receiver are attached to mbed, but in a typical application they would be on different subsystem with its own processor, and physically separated by several meters.The data will only appear back on the PC if the IR or RF communications link is operating correctly. It is followed by the 8-bits of ASCII character data and a high stop bit (total of 10 bits).Serial ports use a 10-bit protocol to transfer each character. The rate at which bits change is called the baud rate.Sparkfun IR LED transmitter module The Sparkfun IR LED breakout board seen above contains a 50MA high output IR LED and a driver circuit using a transistor as seen in the schematic below.Schematic of IR LED breakout board Sparkfun IR receiver module The Sparkfun IR receiver breakout board seen above contains a Vishay TSOP853 38Khz IR receiver module. IR receiver module block diagram Solder header pins into the breakout boards and everything will hookup on a breadboard.

Consumer IR devices use an infrared LED in the handheld remote and an IR receiver located inside the device. Typically for IR, the frequency is in the 30-60Khz range with 38Khz being the most common carrier frequency.Since these devices are used in mass produced consumer products, these parts are widely available and relatively inexpensive.TV remotes use an Infrared LED Car key fobs use RF Using some low-cost parts and breakout boards that should only cost around US per demo, two basic demos will be setup. Each demo has a transmitter and matched receiver attached to mbed.Point the IR LED towards the receiver breakout board.At a range of just a few inches the receiver can pickup the signal from the side, if case you have trouble pointing it directly towards the IR LED.

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