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".sorry Cameron, I mean I know that boys are fixated on girls breasts, but you seem to really mean what you say," she finally blurted out. Here was this tall, seemingly a young girl, who had a great vocabulary and spoke better and more coherently than Sandra did at seventeen.

More than the conversation about boobs, I was really enjoying her company. I heard her question and just as I was about to answer it when - without a thought I blurted out, "Not just breasts it's also about great legs and small round butts," Now it was my turn to blush.

She was young and could have been fourteen or sixteen.

Her height I guessed at maybe five foot seven Inches, but her body seemed immature. I guessed that I was in the first car of this new load. Her honey blond hair was rather long as well, hanging down to her waist.

Looking at the kids in the car below fussing and rocking the car I said, "Are those your friends?

" "No, she replied," I got mad at my boy friend Jessie and said good-by, just like he did to me when he saw Elyse.

"Absolutely not," I replied Coming back to reality I discovered that I was discussing breasts with a young girl, and it seemed so natural. The Ferris Wheel was nearly back to its highest point and looking down the midway I saw this girl about 16, her mom and what looked to be her grandma. She had the equivalent of poached eggs on her small frame, and she wasn't even wearing as much as a training bra. Damn, I thought, all this talk about boobs was giving me a woody.

Hell, I didn't bring it up in the first place, but still. No idiot, my mind said, it was looking at her breasts that did that.

I thought we were having a conversation about breasts." "You started that line of thought Mila, I didn't.The garish lights and colors of the carnival midway did little to mollify my sullen mood.Truth be known I was feeling sorry for my loss of the past week. Thankfully, she did not tell me this until after I had returned her home.Sandra, towards the end of the High School Prom announced that she was breaking up our relationship. It wasn't another guy, or girl for that matter - she just wanted to be free of well who knows what.I was not devastated as we had been changing and growing away from each other, but I was terribly sad and very lonely, so I decided to come here in hopes of cheering myself up. At seventeen I thought that best of my life was behind me.

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