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Red Square is, literally and figuratively, the center of Moscow. Basil’s Cathedral and imposing walls of the Kremlin are indeed worth seeing. Overrun with tourists and street vendors hawking piles of mass-marketed souvenirs, the atmosphere of Red Square is not representative of Moscow.

The neighborhood of Kitai Gorod rivals Red Square in architectural beauty, without the excessive crowds.

“World of Dance” is not Tatum’s only dance show at NBC.The Leo Tolstoy estate (Park Kultury metro stop), where the author spent his final years writing the novel , contains a collection of period furniture and belongings.The Nikolai Gogol estate (Arbatskaya metro stop) presents interactive exhibits about the author’s life, and the fireplace into which he threw the sequel to A tour of the Kremlin is an all-day event, with six different churches and museums to visit and expansive grounds to walk. Entrance to the Kremlin will likely involve a long line. The Armory, a separate museum in the Kremlin, houses the famous Faberge Eggs and two floors of gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, and other jewels from the former tsarist estates. Entrance is only granted at designated times (, , , ), and tickets must be purchased separately, 45 minutes before entry.Similar to the Louvre, you could spend days wandering the halls of the Pushkin Museum and only skim the surface. The collection at the Tretyakov Gallery features Russian artists.It’s organized chronologically, so that a walk through the museum guides you through three centuries of Russian art history.

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Located in the southern suburbs is Moscow State University (Uniwersytet metro stop), with a young student population and green, tree-filled campus.

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