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The "good guys" should always either tell the absolute truth or remain silent. Lively drama by a good team: scriptwriter, director, actors, OST composers. I particularly enjoy watching the three sisters with their very different characters. Especially I get crazy watching the chemistry between Lee joon and Jung so min...This would not only be a good example for the viewer, it would be a way of improving the characterization of the Korean people as a whole. Elder sister Byun Hye-Young, the self-controlled and confident, bright and already tested lawyer who takes after her mother. They indeed chose the right people, I love the actors! If ever I meet them I would freakingling hug Lee hoon for so acting so well....mmmuuuuaaahhh to lee joon.....You have to be very smart to play well a foolish character. Such a nice experience to watch drama with great heartwarming story, great acting of the leads. Two thumbs up for director, screen writer, all casts especially Lee Yu Ri and Lee Joon. They finally kissed after a long wait.them date for few more episodes.. I hope there are more episodes..keep rolling guys....please don't end the show... my 1st long period/week and drama and my 1st drama that I watch every week without waiting for subtitle...(Song makes the scriptwriters look good too.) An unexpected side show is the endless stream of comments. Congratulations to the director, writers and all the crew and staff for job well done. I love Ahn Jong hee and Mi Young story, its all naturall and not in rush. the awkward moments between the newest couple esp inside the car on their first date was hilarious.. i'm not fan of family drama so i wasn't going to watch this drama but after seeing a Scene of this drama on instagram i give a try and i end up seeing 47 episode on 4 days it was one of the best drama i liked all the cast and i liked the story but the thing i liked it more is that they're no evil charactere they're all normal people whene actor ahn joong hee was desived by the father i really want him to find out frome one side but in the other side i didn't want him to find out because i really liked the father and i knew he didn't because he has no choice This drama is really good! Never thought this drama will effect me so much.am I gonna do.nearing the end..gonna miss this drama so much..the cast & the team thank you for all the hard work Every actors in this drama really makes me believe they are who they play, so much respect for them.I kept on waiting for the new episodes every week and its sad that it has ended. I cried and laughed and also got excited for all the love scenes... Thank you Father Is Strange team, you have done a great job, each and everyone.My personal fav couple, of course Jung So Min & Lee Joon I didn't know this drama was ranked so high!Lee Yuri was at her best.is her best acting i have ever seen.gonna miss all the couples in here.. This drama is absolutely fantastic, words cannot describe.

Her acting is really good in the drama I totally recommend. anyways the 52 episodes really just gone like that and I am still looking for the next episode. The story is really that amazing i mean it's true to life that everyone can relate for . Hope LJ and JSM will make another drama in the future..pleaaaase....

Lee yu ri carried the first half and the JH MY couple carried the second half. The parents were so loving and caring and the dad was such a romantic. The episode where they had to sit on the stools was priceless. I'm hoping there's a season 2 for this drama and the players have to stay, because it's the same way of all the players in this drama, iki is the best family drama I've ever seen. Jung So-Min and Lee Joon makes a really cute pair in this drama that I wished they'd date it real life.

The writer of this show deserves all the awards bcoz they kept us hooked till the end. Am not sure I will ever make a time commitment to watch a weekend drama after this. This drama can't end, there has to be a 2nd season, I need to know what happened!! Overall, all the cast did a splendid job and I will miss this drama dearly.

If you're looking for a family drama, you will not be disappointed in this one.

Seriously the best family drama i have ever watched.gonna miss this drama..i think i will watch this drama again some time.. Ever cast member was amazing and all the story lines never got dull or lacking. Really wish they would extend to more but I know the actors have other projects to get to.

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