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The Mullen Company had tangential associations with some activities of the White House staff. There is, however, a book which may throw important light on this subject. Mc Garvey, a man who worked for the CIA for a number of years. They blend into the local landscape and perform only discreet tasks for the Agency. Kimball said there are now 20,160 missionaries in 133 missions. ( we reported that a man who had taught at the Brigham Young University told us that the Church's educational system contains a large number of men who have been involved in the CIA or FBI. In the Brigham Young University's paper we found the following: Dr. Maxwell, Church commissioner of education and regional representative to the Council of the Twelve, . Maxwell worked at the University of Utah sometime between leaving the CIA and accepting his call from the Mormon Church. HUGHES AND MORMONS Although the Rockefeller Report says that the Mullen Co. ( we stated the belief that at least three clients of the Mullen Co. (We feel that this list can be increased to six, and we have deep suspicions about some of the other clients.) Two clients which we mentioned in the last issue were the Mormon Church and Howard Hughes.

It is very unlikely, however, that the CIA would use a large number of Mormon missionaries while they were still serving on their missions. We now have evidence that even the Church's commissioner of education, Dr. Some people at the University of Utah seem to have been suspicious that Dr. had "a number of clients having no known relationship to the CIA," it does concede that "various companies who were clients of the Mullen firm may in turn have had relationships with the CIA, . The relationship between these two clients is a story in itself, but when we add the involvement of the CIA it becomes even more intriguing. Later in 1971, he introduced Hunt to representatives of Hughes . ." After the Watergate break-in was discovered, Robert Bennett found himself faced with the possibility that his activities would bring embarrassment to both the Mormon Church and the CIA. said that the Mullen company went out of business last June and three months later he moved to California to become director of pr for the Sum[m]a Corp., wholly owned by Howard Hughes, to handle his corporate activities. 3, 1975, page 1) We first began to suspect Hughes' relationship with the CIA when we read the following statement in Senator Baker's Report: CIA records indicate that Agency consideration was given to utilizing Mullen's Hughes relationship for a matter relating to a cover arrangement in [South America], and to garner information on Robert Maheu. The CIA obtained Hughes' permission to use the billionaire's ongoing ocean mining venture as a front to cloak the true nature of the operation.

The CIA would naturally be drawn to the Mormon missionary who has learned a foreign language and has had some experience in a foreign country. In the last issue of the reported the following on Nov. Noah Dietrich, the man who "took control of Hughes Tool and who guided the destiny of the entire empire for over thirty years," has written the following: The early years of the 7000 Romaine message center brought the Advent of the Mormons.

If the CIA already has a "surprising number" of Mormons in its employ, they will probably have a great many more in the future because the Church plans to have the "language center of the world" to train missionaries at Brigham Young University. 7, 1974: An expense paid trip to the nation's capital and a monthly salary of 0 from the U. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), provided BYU law student Dale Storer with an "interesting experience" last summer. "I think Mormons as a whole have the most integrity of any group of people in the country," Howard told me.

Nearly all of Hughes' holdings are under the Summa corp. No, the Book of Breathings is not the Book of Abraham! This is made very clear in another entry in Joseph Smith's : On the 3rd of July, Michael H. I commenced the translation of some of the characters or hieroglyphics, and much to our joy found that one of the rolls contained the writings of Abraham, another the writings of Joseph of Egypt, etc., . It does no contain red ink and the workmanship appears to be no better or well-preserved than that found on Papyrus XI. Nibley's argument, but the evidence becomes even stronger as we look into the matter. in which he denies that the Hor Sensen Papyrus is the original from which Smith made his so-called translation. When this manuscript is published it will throw a great deal of light on the Word of Wisdom and Joseph Smith's attitude towards it." We are now happy to announce that Mr. I remember that Joseph drank heavily, and that I talked to Hyrum, begging him to take his brother away, but that was the only time I saw the prophet drunk.". A daughter of Adaline Knight Belnap recorded her mother's impression of the Prophet in an instance of spiritual (spirituous? "How well she remembers one day before her father died (Vinson Knight) of a little excitement in school. A mighty angel with flaming sword was seen riding on a horse of fire.

He states: Is the Book of Abraham a correct translation of Joseph Smith Papyri X and XI? Yes, the brethren at Kirtland were invited to try their skill at translation; in 1835 the Prophet's associates, miffed by his superior knowledge and determined to show him up, made determined efforts to match up the finished text of the Book of Abraham with characters from the J. Nibley does not seem to understand that the statement he cites from Joseph Smith's about "The record of Abraham and Joseph" is a statement about Joseph Smith's Papyri collection in general, not just the one roll which Joseph Smith called the Book of Abraham. To begin with, Joseph Smith used the drawing at the beginning of the Book of Breathings roll as Facsimile No.1 for his Book of Abraham. page 413, we said that "La Mar Petersen has prepared a manuscript entitled . Joseph's associates sometimes spoke of his paleness when "in vision" or when receiving a revelation.

Although this book is nicely printed and bound, the contents are very disappointing. Small 'Sensen' text (unillustrated)" contained the very Egyptian characters which Joseph Smith "translated" into the Book of Abraham. For he has furnished a clear and specific description of the latter: "The record of Abraham and Joseph, found with the mummies, is (1) beautifully written on papyrus, with black, and (2) a small part red, ink or paint, (3) in perfect preservation." (, page 2) Dr.

Nibley to work on the papyri, they seem unwilling to give his work any real official endorsement. The brethren appreciate your interest and asked me to extend to you their best wishes. Nibley's new book from the Deseret Book Store, 60 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah. This fragment contains a number of lines of hieroglyphs which tell what the drawing is about. Nibley has not translated these lines is obvious: they show that Fac. 1 is not a picture of "Abraham fastened upon an altar" as Joseph Smith proclaimed, but rather a picture of an Egyptian by the name of Hor being prepared for burial (see Mormonism—Shadow or Reality? After the Joseph Smith Papyri were first located it was pointed out that the papyrus labeled "XI. Whatever exercises, discreet or indiscreet, the brethren in Kirtland may have engaged in, the Prophet Joseph himself has supplied us with the most conclusive evidence that the manuscript today identified as the Book of Breathings, J. Papyri X and XI, was in his opinion the source of the Book of Abraham.

57-59, 61-62) Since the time Howard Hughes was spirited away from Las Vegas, there has been a growing concern that he might be dead. 7, 1972, a man who claimed to be Hughes gave "a telephone interview with seven West Coast journalists sitting in a Los Angeles hotel room." This interview convinced many people that Hughes was still alive. and the Watergate break-in, the BYU spying operations, the prostitution conspiracy and the Church, wiretapping and bugging, Mullen and the Mormons, Mormons and the CIA, Robert Bennett's involvement with Hunt, Hunt's BYU spy, Bennett's cover-up, Mormons and Hughes, assassination plots, Intertel, Interprogres, the possible existence of the secret Council of 50 in the Church, Bennett's dummy milk committees, and many other important subjects. In the BYU alumni paper we read: It's a profound combination: take BYU and add a multi-million dollar language center designed to teach at least 20 languages to 22,250 missionaries each year. "They take care of their own people, and they won't accept help from charity or the government. You can trust them." Howard began staffing the message center and the fleet of Chevrolets exclusively with Mormons. The result is, as one observer conjured, the "language center of the world." (, page 33) The Mormon missionary is certainly trained in this type of absolute obedience to authority. (, page 218) SO-CALLED "MORMON MAFIA" Some of Hughes' closest aides are sometimes referred to as the "Mormon Mafia." In his secret executive session testimony before the Senate Watergate Committee, page 68, Howard Hunt spoke of the "Mormon Mafia." In an article published in on Jan. The Mormon Church's Brigham Young University has honored Frank W. Glenn who had custody of the memo which told of the CIA's involvement in the Glomer Explorer project. It is a well-known fact that Howard Hughes obtained a large interest in the gambling industry in Nevada. In Las Vegas a sheriff's party, saying it had information of foul play, broke into the Hughes penthouse, searched it, but found nothing. Instead, however, the papyri were turned over to Dr. The import and the significance of the papyri recently rediscovered will be told Latter-day Saints by Dr. Joseph recorded that "it was expedient for us to prepare bread and wine sufficient to make our hearts glad, as we should not, probably leave this house until morning; . and John Holmes and Lester Mylar, two of Hughes personal assistants who remain with him and who are among the few individuals who see him face to face. he serves on the BYU National Advisory Council and its executive committee associated with the College of Business. Gay is "on the board of directors and vice-chairman of the executive committee of the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii." This is very interesting because the for March 27, 1975, it was Mr. Meanwhile, even more ominous rumors began to circulate about the health and safety of Hughes himself. After two members of Hughes's hitherto anonymous palace guard, Howard Eckersley and Levar Mylar, appeared at the court, it was fairly clear that rumors of Hughes's death had been much exaggerated. It emerged that Hughes had been given a series of blood transfusions several weeks before his trip to the Bahamas and that he had been suffering from pneumonia and anemia. Since the Mormon Church is supposed to be led by a "Prophet, Seer, and Revelator," we might have expected the President of the Church to make a translation of the rediscovered Joseph Smith Papyri. The stewards passed round and took up a liberal contribution, and messengers were despatched for bread and wine.".

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