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Uz tašnu se dobija i dugačka drška.', 'Poliuretan 100%', 'za nju', 'galanterija', 'tašna');" onmouseout="a Info Hide(); return false;" Boja: drap. Uz tašnu se dobija i dugačka drška.', 'Poliuretan 100%', 'za nju', 'galanterija', 'tašna', '1', '6', '482', '0138/139746 David-jones Tasna.jpg', '1', '', '', '1027354800.28', '2990.00');" /Boja: crna. Dimenzije: 23 x 23 x 13cm.', 'Poliuretan 100%', 'za nju', 'galanterija', 'tašna', '1', '6', '482', '0138/139717 David-jones Tasna.jpg', '1', '', '', '1027563920.03', '2990.00');" /Boja: crna. Dimenzije: 27 x 34 x 20cm.', 'Poliuretan 100%', 'za nju', 'galanterija', 'tašna', '1', '6', '482', '0138/139720 David-jones Tasna.jpg', '1', '', '', '1027356400.01', '2990.00');" /Boja: tamno siva. The Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan ideological appeal of the BJP was originally designed for the caste and community cauldron of the Gangetic heartland.The Ram Mandir movement that first propelled the BJP to become a serious national player in the 1990s was driven by an agenda aimed at consciously stirring a Hindu-Muslim conflict.

Last Tuesday, the government of India seemed to temporarily shift its base to the BJP headquarters at Delhi’s Ashoka Road.

Moreover, Narendra Modi’s nationwide appeal of Hindutva plus good governance should ideally resonate powerfully in God’s Own Country where temples and trade unions nestle in close proximity, where religion and class identities co-exist.

If Kerala then is still resisting the BJP juggernaut, it reveals the limitations of the politics of polarisation.

A militant Hindu political identity was consolidated by harking back to the need to ‘avenge’ historical grievances dating to the Mughal era, leading eventually to the act of demolishing the Babri Masjid.

By contrast, the Hindu political traditions of Kerala are rooted in the social reformist movements of the early 20th century that aimed to transform Hindu society from within.

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The Left-Congress binary politics have led to a measure of fatigue among the voters, especially the youth.

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