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In my opinion Thai Love Links is the better choice because the database contains mainly beautiful Thai women looking for men.The sex trade in women in Thailand arose from social conditions.The bar fee (bar fine) varies according to the type of establishment in which you find your honey. These establishments are Go Go Bars where the girls dance on a cat walk or stage, Pattaya Beer Bars which are usually outdoor bars and Short Time Bars which are usually dimly lit indoor bars full of beautiful Thai women.Your companion will expect some further compensation.However don't be discouraged by any negative information you might read about girls from Thailand. Think of this, most of the girls here are not stupid but a lot of naive westerners visit Thailand assuming the rules here will be the same as in their country. Pattaya Bar Girls Report has a varied collection of Thai bar girl stories &115 must read tips about Thai bar girls, finding the Thai girl of your dreams, real life stories and cultural encounters.It is well worth reading to gain insight to the likes and dislikes of the girls, who some men consider are the world's most beautiful women.

One of the many advantages of searching for a partner on Thai Love Lines or Thai Love Links Personals is the possibility that the person you contact can already read and write English.

However their parents must turn a blind eye to the obvious source of their daughter's income.

The majority of these girls are educated to 6th year level or less which places them in the lower income bracket.

You can view photos and details of Thai women looking for men.

They may be looking for a dating partner, a friend or a husband.

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