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At any rate the Burrup peninsula and Dampier archipelago constitute one of the world's most extensive open-air art galleries, as well as an area with enormous ecological, cultural and archeological significance.As a result of considerable pressure from large commercial interests in the gas and mining industries, concerns about the conservation and preservation of the area has led to a campaign for its protection.Unlike baking powder donuts, this yeast donut cannot be machine-made; it must be hand-rolled, cut, fried and iced.On busy days, now as in the past, the bakery turns out 200 dozen of these popular originals.The area's rock art has yet to be scientifically counted or classified but it is thought to include as many as one million images.No one knows who first created these images, or whether these artists were direct ancestors of the indigenous Yaburara people, or perhaps an earlier group of visitors to the continent, but Aboriginal people believe in the tradition that the engravings were created by the "marga " - ancestral creator beings - in the Dreaming.Situated in the Pilbara area of Western Australia next to the Dampier Archipelago, the Burrup Peninsula - also known as "Murujuga" meaning "hip bone sticking out" in the Ngayarda language of the peninsula's Jaburara people - is home to one of the largest collections of Aboriginal rock art in the world.

(But note also that the Pilbara region contains some of the world's most ancient surface rocks, including granites that are at least three billion years old.) However, the age of an engraved rock cannot tell us when the engraving was made.The El Castillo Cave paintings, for instance, are dated to 39,000 BCE.However, Europe's oldest art is fairly primitive - it isn't until 30,000 BCE that we see the magnificent lions and horses depicted in the Chauvet Cave paintings, and not until about 15,000 BCE that we see the wonderful bulls in the Lascaux Cave paintings and the multi-coloured bison at Altamira.Since July 2008, the Australian Government has placed 90 percent of the area's rock art sites on the National Heritage List, while the area itself has been placed on the World Monument Fund's list of 100 Most Endangered Places - the only such site in Australia.While the aborigine engravers were making the first petroglyphs on the Burrup Peninsula, the oldest Stone Age art in Europe was being made in caves and rock shelters.

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